Leal Daccarett is the child of Colombian husband and wife Francisco Leal and Karen Daccarett. Born in Bogota and Barranquilla, they first met while studying fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. After studying and working in the Italian fashion industry for several years, they saw an opportunity in Colombia to dress an emerging young audience eager for a fresher, more contemporary approach to dressing locally. In 2009, they returned to Bogota and founded Leal Daccarett.

Francisco and Karen’s aesthetic is rooted in their appreciation of their beloved Colombia, seen through the lens of outsiders looking in. Inspired in its lush landscapes, the explosion of vibrant color at local fruit markets, the organized chaos and contrasting architecture of its cities, and the delicate, white cotton Sunday dresses seen in small town churches, Leal Daccarett is a balance between the sensibilities of the tropics and a dash of modern urbanity. With a strong lineage from Italy and the Middle East, present in their home life, the brand is a product of the couple’s combined cultural heritage.

In celebrating the traditions of fine Italian fashion and the design culture of Colombia, Leal Daccarett’s collections combine craftsmanship with architectural volumes and sculptural silhouettes to offer a modern perspective on femininity.

Their ultra-femme approach to design aims to craft timeless statement pieces that transform the woman who wears them, while allowing for her personal interpretation and expression of individuality. With unexpected combinations of structure and volume, vibrant color palettes and mixed patterns, season after season, Leal Daccarett builds a world of whimsical pieces that can either be worn to celebrate a special occasion or to make a special occasion out of the every day.